Democracy: Voters MAKE or BREAK a nation


The term democracy is frequently used in British politics. The media constantly portrays what is and its modern day characteristics. Recently while reading some articles on our new coalition governments ‘raise tuition fees’ bill, I realised people always blame a failing system, economy etc on the leaders of the country.

We must realise that a nation fails mainly because of voters….You ask why?… because of two reasons. The first is that people go into voting polls knowing nothing about the person they are about to vote for. Many people vote mainly because of the euphoria in the tabloids about the candidates, others vote based on emotions. A majority of people don’t even know the policies of these contending candidates. I remember during the whole David Cameron and Gordon Brown shenanigans, friends and families where updating their facebook and twitter accounts regularly. A lot of things people posted where so backwards that to describe them as ignorant would be an understatement.

The second is that people believe leaders to be Gods. For some reason voters always believe that leaders can CHANGE anything in a short space of time. For example Barack Obama, upon election was seen as the change the United States of America needed. A while after people started backfiring on him, they wanted to see an immediate change, yet he has been in office for less than 3 years. Change takes TIME. A wise woman once told me that ‘the change that comes to you is that that is created by you…’

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t go out and vote, all I’m saying is that people must remember education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. We need to educate ourselves. We need to know that someone’s character or upbringing isn’t substantial enough to put our country/future in their hands.

It is not the leaders who are failing the nation, we (as a society) have failed by electing them into power.